Student Exhibitions

Teaching, Design, Curation


Exhibited at:
- ArtCenter DTLA gallery 

Student exhibitions of my courses: 

Digital Castings, Co-taught with Filip Kostic, Undergraduate Studio with Interaction Design and Fine Art. 

In this studio, students will be introduced to creative methods of 3D modeling from downloading, ripping, scanning, to constructing. Through this process, we will explore ready-made warehouses, social media filters, and narrative game worlds. Together, we will learn about the medium’s unique affordances through hands-on research, in-class workshops, thematic readings, and formal discussions of contemporary applications and implications. The studio offers an open space for creative consideration, examination, and interpretation of the 3D model. Projects can be completed as individuals or in groups, however all students will be asked to consider how the digital volume, from creation to exhibition, applies to their existing studio practice. No previous experience in 3D modeling software required.
Designed exhibition graphics

ParadeTown, Co-taught with Ben Hooker. Graduate Studio with Media Design Practices. 

Events have the ability to draw attention to something, something small, subtle, or unseen. How do events (which have been dormant the past year) act as triggers for collective joy and fun, giving us the ability to prioritize, honor, track, and draw attention to something or someone. A Parade of Augmented Events is a graduate/upper term studio that will work collaboratively to research, imagine, and design new kinds of digital urban events through machine learning and augmented reality. Using Downtown Los Angeles as our site of inspiration and intervention, we will explore how these technologies can play an important role in what is collectively tracked, triggered and celebrated - generating digital parades, pop-ups, parties, performances! The studio will host workshops in ML and AR, topical speakers, and critical readings to support students in their design research, project development, and design refinement. Students are strongly encouraged to build upon an area of interest or expertise within the context of the brief. *If remote, students will be encouraged to work with local team members.

Designed exhibition’s promotional videos and produced AR/QR coded curtains. 

HOUSE interaction design LLC