Live Stream

A Fountain


Featured in:
- Curate LA

Exhibited by:
- Roger’s Office, Group Show. Crtl+Z.10.1.2018- 10.19.2019
- Exhibited: Sp[a]ce Gallery. Group Show. Spatial Reality: Artists Explore the Future of XR, 10.12.2018-10.28.2018

The term ‘stream’ once trigged associations beyond the screen. Appropriate by tech, it has now become a signifier of endless content production: bottomless content streams, live streaming interfaces, streaming web cameras, streaming simulations, and powerful liquid cooling computer systems.

Live Stream collides these multiple interpretations, creating a content production fountain. Keeping itself in an endless streaming loop, the fountain live streams it’s view (via web camera) onto it’s own a Twitch channel. The project proposes a new type of domestic furniture and content manufacturing fixture.  

In Collaboration: Benjamin Borden

Materials: webcam, curved gaming screen, gaming PC, mineral oil, pond pump, water simulation by R.A.M - River Auto Material, photogrammetry scan of Sturtevant Falls, waterfall spillway, rocks, acrylic computer case, monitor mount, containers. 6ft x 4ft x 3ft

Thank you: Ben Hooker and Filip Kostic

Video documentation