The World Federation of Sphere Detection Sports TWFSDS (2020)

Simulation and live stream
Exhibited at DDDD 7.7-8.8
Jenny Rodenhouse with Keda Jiang and Soo Jin Lee

The World Federation of Sphere Detection Sports is a competitive game simulator that combines all ball sports to form one new, bigger, and better sport. Generated using a computer vision circle detection model, virtual players appear, performing their prescribed ball-behaviors: kick, catch, swing, hit, chase. Watch this July when The World Federation of Sphere Detection Sports launches its first season with a 24/7 live stream (live feed from Prisma, a 24/7 grocery store conveyor belt located in Finland). Who is playing who? Who will win? Who purchased the melon? No one knows!

The World Federation of Sphere Detection Sports fan merchandise


The House of Desktop Dining, HDD (2020)

Website and stream 
Jenny Rodenhouse with Sizhe Huang, Nanyi Jiang, Ziru Ling, and Jingyi Wang

The House of Desktop Dining is a digital restaurant to visit and eat with your computer. Automatically generating a table for two, the restaurant uses select visual and audio data from the top mukbang performers to prepare a set of personalized food pairings with your body’s posture and mouth sounds. []

Restaurant Front

Restaurant Order


Live stream publication
Lead Researcher & Designer

AR-TV is episode 2 of LIVE-ISH, a streaming publication of design research that explores how the stories we consume today are authored by not just humans but algorithmically tuned cameras.

As a part of SNAP INC Research’s 2020 CREATIVE CHALLENGE, in collaboration with BBC Research and MICROSOFT Research, ARTCENTER’S Immersion Lab examined the future of storytelling with augmented reality through the lens of the camera, computer vision, and machine learning. AR-TV proposes ways to identify, author, and share new stories in collaboration with autonomous machines. If a story is a series of events that are suddenly given priority, importance, and structure, who or what decides this? How can computer vision reveal events and details that once went unnoticed? How can machine vision and learning models detect features, infer patterns, and predict scenes, now be co-authors? How might these new machine envisioned stories change how we understand and relate to one another?

Introduction Bumpers

ARTCENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN Transdisciplinary Studio HOST DEPARTMENT Interaction Design FACULTY AND DESIGN RESEARCHER Jenny Rodenhouse THESIS RESEARCHER Miranda Jin ARTIST & DESIGNERS Davis Brown, Dillon Chi, Brandon Comer, Wenyu Du, Qihang Fan, Anna Kang, Casey Knapp, John Ma, Susie Moon, Jeanne Park, Ian Sterling, Nicole Wang TEACHING ASSISTANT Leo Yang PUBLICATION DESIGN Jenny Rodenhouse


Video Game
Duration: Until you fall asleep
Videography: Lizzie Klein
Model: @deathbysanrio

A ‘sleep twitch’ (also known as a hypnagogic jerk) is a strong, involuntary contraction a body feels as it falls asleep. It is the sensation of jumping and falling while remaining still. In multiple realities, it is the result of our body remaining in one while succumbing to another.

The pressures of 24/7 entertainment are exhibited within an emergent subgenre of live streaming: the video gamer who falls asleep in front of their camera (as seen on Twitch). While their body exists in one time zone, their channel exists across all. Earning thousands of dollars and viewers from broadcasting their sleep, their body becomes an interactive landscape for their audience, turning sleep into a form of crisis survival, a status symbol, and luxury item.

Circadian Rhythmz: Twitch while you twitch is a video game that viewers can play in order to fall asleep, exploring new screen-based sleep patterns and gamified landscapes. Moving across the streamer’s curated sleep scene, players endlessly jump their character named Hypnagogic Jerk, from obstacle to obstacle battling their drooping eyelids. The game’s lighting slowly dims over time, getting darker and darker, it increases in difficulty. Circadian Rhythmz ends when the player falls asleep, achieving what they so desire.

Download to play (pc + mac)

Game play documentation