TWFSDS Field   

RingGYM (coming Soon)

A workout application commisioned by Take Shape

The World Federation of Sphere Detection Sports, TWFSDS (2020)

Simulation, live stream, and highlight video 
Exhibited at: Dutch Design Week 10.17.20-10.25.20 / Ars Electronica .ART Gallery 9.9.20-9.23.20 / DDDD Gallery 7.7.20-8.8.20
Project by: Jenny Rodenhouse with Keda Jiang & Soo Jin Lee
Featuring broadcast by: Prisma, “The Belt 24/7”, Helsinki Finland
Circle Detection by: OpenCV
Best Sphere Sport Commentary Compilation by: Soon Jin Lee & Jenny Rodenhouse, featuring music from “Jock Jams Volume 1”

Public displays of contest, survival, and stamina have been relocated, from arenas to grocery stores. Combining these past and present sites of global competition, The World Federation of Sphere Detection Sports (TWFSDS) shifts our focus from plastic balls to edible spheres using circle recognition technology to generate a virtual sport.

Combining all ball-related sports, TWFSDS interface triggers digital players to perform prescribed sphere identification behaviors: kick, catch, swing, hit, and chase over scenes of passing produce, paper products, and alcohol. Watch this season and cheer for your favorite purchase when TWFSDS launches its live stream over Prisma’s 24/7 grocery store “Belt Cam” in Helsinki. Who is playing who? Who purchased the melon? Who is winning? No one knows.

WFSDS Highlights

Thank you to: Anthony Espino, Sizhe Huang, Keda Jiang, Nanyi Jiang, Soo Jin Lee, Ziru Ling, Siladityaa Sharma, Jingyi Wang

Support from: Live-ish, DDDD, Media Design Practices ArtCenter College of Design, & Snap Inc, Research.

The House of Desktop Dining, HDD (2020)

Website and Live Stream
Exhibited at: DDDD Gallery 7.7.20-8.8.20  
Jenny Rodenhouse with Sizhe Huang, Nanyi Jiang, Ziru Ling, and Jingyi Wang

The House of Desktop Dining is a digital restaurant to visit and eat with your computer. Automatically generating a table for two, the restaurant uses select visual and audio data from the top mukbang performers to prepare a set of personalized food pairings with your body’s posture and mouth sounds. []

Restaurant Front

Restaurant Order