Video Game
Duration: Until you fall asleep
Videography: Lizzie Klein
Model: Chlo @deathbysanrio

The pressures of 24/7 entertainment are exhibited within an emergent subgenre of live streaming: the video gamer who falls asleep in front of their camera (as seen on Twitch). A ‘sleep twitch’ (also known as a hypnagogic jerk) is a strong, involuntary contraction a body feels as it falls asleep. It is the sensation of jumping and falling while remaining still. Earning thousands of dollars and viewers from sleeping, their body becomes an interactive landscape for their audience, turning sleep into a status symbol and luxury item. Circadian Rhythmz is a video game that viewers can play in order to fall asleep, exploring new screen based sleep patterns and gamified landscapes.



Video Interview
Duration: 7:30
Interview: Crazy Minnow Studio

We have produced interfaces that can mimic us in great detail. Deconstructing subtle movements of the body, we’ve separated the action from its meaning with categories like MouthOpen, LipTipLeft, and JawLeft. Lip Service is an interview with the creators of a real-time lip sync software available for independent 3D game developers. The video explores the use of their audio puppeteering software as a way to better understand the objects of our own creation and generate alternate interpretations.

LIVE-ISH (2019)

Digital Publication and Research

Part lifestyle catalog and part design research, LIVE-ISH is a digital publication that explores how livestreaming media has crafted an emergent “livestyle;” a way of living within the world that has become increasingly influenced by our 24/7 screen-based interfaces.

Developed as a media category in the 1990s, the term “lifestyle” was popularized by Martha Stewart books, magazines, tv shows, recipes, home decor, fashion, advice… Today we purchase “experiences”: all-encompassing 24/7 events (and everything within it) that are initiated by the screen. Experiences that are found, activated, watched, played, shared, tracked, favorited, followed, friended, and designed by “user experience” (UX) designers.

Created in Media Design Practices at ArtCenter College of Design, the digital publication documents one year of design investigations into our never-ending, on camera, unedited, always-entertaining, experience-obsessed “livestyles.” The work includes a selection of livestreaming projects that purposely defy traditional categorization and utilize the all-encompassing freedom that ‘experience’ design brings with it: games-shows-exhibitions-bodies-events.

MEDIA DESIGN PRACTICES ArtCenter College of Design FACULTY RESEARCHERS Ben Hooker and Jenny Rodenhouse GUEST ARTISTS, DESIGNERS, DIRECTORS Matt Adams, Jess Frucht, Cyrus Ghahremani, Rachel Kinnard, Sam Rolfes DESIGN RESEARCHERS Amor Bizarro, David J. Chan, Maxwell Chen, Adit Dhanushkodi, Keisuke Kuniyoshi, Miranda Jin, Jarret Lin, Nidhi Singh, Tongxin Sun WITH DESIGNERS Harsh Agarwal, Constantin Chopin, Pallavi Gautam, Karina J. Hernández, Lizzie Klein, Georgia Siapno, Evan Stalker WEBSITE DESIGNERS Ben Hooker, Jenny Rodenhouse, Georgia Siapno, Leo Yang CUCUMBER KOOL-AID ESSAY Jenny Rodenhouse EDITOR Katy Portier‍‍


A multi-channel video installation and exhibition for Marc Angélil, Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich

Exhibited: ETH Zurich, Main Hall

The 19 multi-channel videos utilize the research archive of 100 + globes, developed by Marc Angélil and Carey Siress with Marcin Ganczarski, Tobias Klauser, Ciro Miquel, Ellen Reinhard, David Roth, Julian Schubert, Elena Schutz, Leonard Streich.

Taking viewers through the history of the earth’s representation, the 19 synced videos are constructed in 3 sections: default earth spins, 19 earth variants, and screen-based earth surfaces. The videos uses assemblages of historical and contemporary video, images, and audio, from Bruno Latour’s performance lecture to Miley Cyus’s Wrecking Ball.

Photos by Ciro Miguel

Simulation of exhibition (excerpt)

Event Organizer and Graphic Designer