algorithmic seeing, autonomous cameras,  and everything buttons 


Live streamed publication


LIVE-ISH is for the on-camera and un-famous! LIVE-ISH is here for you to tune-in to tune-out .

LIVE-ISH is a collaborative design, art, and research practice by Jenny Rodenhouse, based in USA-ISH ,that explores how livestreaming media has crafted an emergent “livestyle;” a natural way of living within the world that has become increasingly influenced by our 24/7 screen-based interfaces.

Collaborations & Contributions by: Ben Hooker, Tongxin Sun, Miranda Jin, Sam Rolfes, Dave Chan, Lizzie Klein, Matt Adams, Adit Dhanushkodi, Georgia Siapno, Constantin Chopin, Rachel Kinnard, Cyrus Ghahremani, Amor Bizarro, Keisuke Kuniyoshi, Pallavi Gautam, Jess Frucht, Maxwell Chen, Jarret Lin, Davis Brown, Dillion Chi, Brandon Comer, Wnyu Du, Qihang Fan, Anna Kang, Casey Knapp, John Ma, Susie Moon, Jeanne Park, Ian Sterling, Nicole Wang, Leo Yang, Anthony Espino, Sizhe Huang, Keda Jiang, Nanyi Jiang, Soo Jin Lee, Ziru Ling, Siladityaa Sharma, Jingyi Wang,Nan Tsai, Carolina Trigo...