Jenny Rodenhouse

Selected Work

Camera based interfaces and algorithmic seeing

Live Stream

Furniture and simulation

Materials: webcam, curved gaming screen, gaming PC, mineral oil, pond pump, water simulation by R.A.M - River Auto Material, photogrammetry scan of Sturtevant Falls, waterfall spillway, rocks, acrylic computer case, monitor mount, containers. 6ft x 4ft x 3ft
In Collaboration: Benjamin Borden
Thank you: Ben Hooker and Filip Kostic

Featured: Curate LA
Exhibited: Roger’s Office, Crtl+Z, December 1st- January 1st 2019, Group Show
Exhibited: Sp[a]ce Gallery, Spatial Reality: Artists Explore the Future of XR, October 12-28th 2018, Group Show 

Live streaming interfaces, streaming web cams, photogrammetry scans of wild streams, domesticated stream decor, stream computer simulations, computer cooling streams.

Opulent augmented, virtual, and live streaming interfaces have redecorated our interior spaces. Live Stream explores how these immersive scenes and digital infrastructures can embed themselves within domestic fixtures and forms. The fountain plays only when the physical fountain is running, keeping itself in an endless streaming loop.

Video documentation