Jenny Rodenhouse

Selected Work

Camera based interfaces and algorithmic seeing


Live stream publication
Lead Researcher & Designer

AR-TV is episode 2 of LIVE-ISH, a streaming publication of design research that explores how the stories we consume today are authored by not just humans but algorithmically tuned cameras.

As a part of SNAP INC Research’s 2020 CREATIVE CHALLENGE, in collaboration with BBC Research and MICROSOFT Research, ARTCENTER’S Immersion Lab examined the future of storytelling with augmented reality through the lens of the camera, computer vision, and machine learning. AR-TV proposes ways to identify, author, and share new stories in collaboration with autonomous machines. If a story is a series of events that are suddenly given priority, importance, and structure, who or what decides this? How can computer vision reveal events and details that once went unnoticed? How can machine vision and learning models detect features, infer patterns, and predict scenes, now be co-authors? How might these new machine envisioned stories change how we understand and relate to one another?

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